Apply for an ESA Letter

You can apply to an ESA letter online by completing three steps as:

1- Fill out the Questionnaire:  Here are some simple questions that will help our medical professionals determine your eligibility for your legal Emotional Support Animal documentation (ESA Letter). All responses are strictly confidential. NONE of the information you give us is ever shared with any third party.

2- Evaluation by Licensed Mental Healthcare Professional (LMHP) : Once you fill out the questionnaire on the website, it is forwarded to one of our licensed mental health therapists.

3- Assessment Fee: They briefly evaluate the questionnaire in order to prescribe an ESA Letter for you. That is what the assessment fee is for. ( We will contact you within 24-hours and you can pay charges according to your required ESA Letter)

The legitimacy of the letter depends on a criterion defined by the Law. The letter should be written by a Licensed Mental Health Professional on the letterhead of his practice along with the contact details. The therapist’s license number will be mentioned on the letter and it can be tracked down from anywhere in the United States. The letters we provide fulfill all the requirements defined by the Law which makes it a Legal Document. The letter that is going to be written for you is 100% compliant with all the local, state, and federal law. The authenticity and legitimacy of this letter cannot be turned down whatsoever.