Americans with Disabilities Act – 1990

What is the American with Disabilities Act? American Disabilities Act is the protection of rights of disable citizens of the society. According to this Act, there is no discrimination on the bases of Disabilities. Now, this disability can be mental and physical. According to this law, everyone equal opportunity to grow. This is to observe everywhere, in the office, in school. They can avail travel facilities like a common man. The Act ensures the fair ability of favorable environment for mentally and physically disabled persons. Who is entitled to receive benefits? Everyone is entitled to receive benefits who is disabled.......

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What is Air Carrier Access Act of 1986


What is Air Carrier Access Act? Air Carrier Access Act is an American act which protects people with disabilities while traveling through air. This Act prohibits any discrimination. This is not for domestic airlines but international airlines and air traffic. The limitations are not physical but for mental disorder too.  According to law and standards of ACAA, there are some facilities provided at the airport which newly built but also renovated one along with boarding assistance. An ESA letter for Air Travel Well, one has to show some documentation to let the animal in smoothly. That document is ESA letter.......

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What is Fair Housing Act – 1988

What is the Fair Housing Act? Fair housing act forbade any discrimination in dealing with housing. This housing act considers every renting space, like apartments, house a portion, etc. According to the act, every race, skin color, gender, nationality, disability are the same. Moreover, the law is for children and no of children. As well as any other characteristic which can be the reason for the difference. On April 11, 1968, President Johnson signed the Fair Housing Act, which now prohibits housing discrimination because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status or disability. How it Protect ESA This......

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