Client Reviews

David Smith – Exempt Pet Fee
My reason for being skeptical about online ESA letter websites is that I am not aware of the fact that I can get a legally enforceable document virtually. I was browsing different sites, for information regarding emotional support letter for housing. My landlord was threatening me that I need to pay an extra fee for my Labrador Retriever. Finally, I have placed an order and fill out the simple questionnaire and got a verifiable ESA letter. Thank you
Michael Jones – Deadline Driven Service
When I was looking for the letter I was too conscious about the authenticity of the website, one of my friend, who has availed the services, has referred me I have got for what I had paid. The support team guided me well and help me while filling the simple questionnaire and finally I got legally enforceable document within 48 hours. You guys know how to satisfy the client and beat the deadline.
Nancy John – Free Air Traveling without Pet Fee
Sometimes when flying to Florida to visit my parents, her add-on fare can be more expensive than my flight. But rules are rules, and it is a small price to pay to be afforded the luxury of traveling with her by my side. My friend suggest me and I had applied for ESA letter for traveling and now I am carrying her freely without additional charges.
James Wilson – Avoid pet deposit fees
I have been in this house for 14 years, after facing a situation I have adopted a pet dog. The landlord’s agent came around every quarter day and collected the extra pet fee which was quite annoying. I have applied for ESA letter at by simply submitting my mental conditions and now I have gotten rid of extra pet fee. Guys, you are truly a blessing in my life.