Emotional Support Cat

Emotional Support Cat
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No one can deny the stardom of dogs when it comes to Emotional Support animals, but believe it or not, cats have their unique charisma. Cats are darlings when they have to play the role of an affable companion of a person dealing with emotional and mental issues. Emotional support cat’ popularity can be estimated from this fact that the Fair Housing Act (FHA) allows them to live even in no-pets housing premises be it condos or apartments. In this context, the law protects owners of emotional support cats from unfair and discriminatory restrictions imposed by Homeowner Associations (HOA). Moreover, the Air Carrier Access Act permits emotional support cat owners to enjoy travels with their buddies, and all without paying any extra penny for ticket or traveling fee. Similar to emotional support dogs, any person who is suffering from specific mental and emotional issues can apply for an emotional support cat companion.
Panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and other similar mental problems qualify you to get a cat or to make your cat an emotional support animal, legally. After getting an ESA letter, you are free to indulge in the company of your furry friend in your home and during travels. Scientific research has proved that a cat as emotional support animal miraculously improves the health condition of the owner and reduces the depression. It is also observed that patients with insomnia have better sleep experience after parenting an emotional support cat. According to a general guideline, few factors are needed to be considered before making a cat an emotional support animal; some of them are as follow:

1- An emotional support cat should be of the specific breed.
2- Emotional support acts preferably should not be feral or stray street cats.
3- It is suggested to have in-house cat breeds to avoid their wild instinct.
4- All emotional support cats should be neutered and spayed; otherwise, they will make a great fuss during mating season.

Why Cats

Emotional Support animals or emotional support cats are the animals which support a person emotionally. They are meant to reduce stress instead of increase. So if you are one who faces some emotional disorder and doctor recommend you to keep an animal for emotional support, then you can choose a cat. A cat supports you during your tough times. Emotional support cat can be beneficial in the following ways.

1-Easy to keep and Maintain

    Well, one of the best things about cats is that they are easy to stay at home. Many people don`t have any objection about keeping a cat at home. Cats usually are cleaner themselves. So the owner doesn`t need to put extra efforts on its cleanliness and maintenance. 

2-Good for Sensitive People

Some people don`t like noise much. They usually prefer quiet, noiseless, and hassle-free space. Such patients should go for cats as an emotional support animal. Cats typically are quiet ones. Moreover, they have a very calm nature. Keeping cat with you in flight is more natural and admirable.

3-Easy to carry

Cats are usually lightweight, and most of its breeds are small to medium size. So this makes them easy to move from palace to place while traveling. Moreover, when it comes to keeping them at home, they are also convenient to keep and make their accommodation.

Dating cats has its positive aspects of the owner. Emotional support cats support enhanced love and care to the owner.

What diseases Suits Keeping Cat As Emotional Support Animal

Cats play an important role in improving and maintaining the health of an emotionally disturbed person. So cats can be used for a vast number of mental diseases. Such as

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety
  3. Stress
  4. Post-trauma
  5. Panic attack
  6. Autism
  7. Bio polar depression
  8. Phobias and fears
  9. And many other mental diseases

Cats are usually calm, so do they endorse.

Tips of Keeping Cats as Emotional Support Animal

1-It is good to help wild on street animal. However, they can never be the right choice for Emotional support animal. Instead of decreasing stress, they increase it.

2-Kittens are easily attached. So when you have a choice between young or adult, then go for young ones. They take less time to settle in an environment and with the owner.

3-Keep your cat indoors and with you whenever possible. Letting you cat wonder out will distract it. This may make her mixed with wild street cats.

4-Remember cats are good as Emotional support animals but not all. Some cats are best to be ESA, and also certain cat breeds are not equally beneficial.

5-Never go for the unaltered cat. Instead of decreasing stress level, they will increase the stress level.

Which Breed is best to Keep as ESA?

An emotionally disturbed person will also ask which Breed is helpful as an emotional support animal. Well, before going into depth, the one-word answer is “CARING ones.” Well for more in-depth review read on the passage.

  1. Ragdolls

Ragdolls are cute and calm cats. The cats are adorable and get extremely attached to the owner. The cat is best to keep in the house with kids and other family members. Another name of these cute cats is puppy cats. They are known as puppy cats because of their nature, which resembles with dogs.

  1. Siamese

 Siamese cats are big cats with lots of energy. They have a versatile personality. They are bit talkative cats at the same time they are loyal and affectionate. They are good at learning the trick. The cats are good company during the walk. Their popularity as ESA can be used with the fact that they are ranked in the top ten affectionate cats. The other name for these cats is “Dogs of the cat world.”

  1. Persian

Persian cats are the furry cats. These cats are the best company of depressing ones. They are expressive with gentle look and quiet nature. Though the cat has fast-growing hair that needs regular trimming. Believe us, they worth it.

  1. Maine Coon

These are the friendly cats equipped with fantastic intelligence. They are easily attached and enjoy being intimate and socialize. They have a curious nature, which makes them connected to other beings. They are highly favorite among Americans because of their friendly nature and trainability. They are best to keep in a family with pets and children.

  1. American Short Hair

The American shorthair is a family oriented cat. They are best to keep at home with children or multiple numbers of family members. As the name shows, they need minimum grooming. They are not attached to the family but easily attached to strangers. This makes them the best choice for ESA.

Misconception about Cats

Well, people think that cats are not trainable. They are wrong cats are trainable. Not only they are trainable they are taught with some tricks which make their own amused. Here a question arises why to train emotions to support cat. Well, there are no restrictions but to make them behave more appropriately, it is good to train and coach them to some extent.

People believe that a cat should let go out and walk and wander on their own to grow well. However, there is no scientific proof that a cat won`t become well if kept inside. Even they show equal growth rate.

People think that cats are emotionless and expressionless. They are wrong. They have strong feelings for owners. They show deep bonds and attachment with the not only owner but with family too. People even observe a strong bond and relationship which extent till death.

Beside these misconceptions, there are some superstitious myths attached with color and voice of a cat. They are baseless and usually make less sense.

           Well, whatever you choose as a pet, either cat or dog they are equally beneficial for human being with any disorder.