Emotional Support Dog

Emotional Support Dog
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Importance of an emotional support animal is only known by the person who keeps one and is in the beneficiary`s list. About every 1 out of 4 adults need Emotional support animal in the USA. So emotional support animals are the beings worth million for the person who faces any psychological disorders. ESAs are not only by choice but work as a medicine. The solution suggested by the doctor. It is not that one wants to keep a pet, and he would call it an emotional support animal. Psychological disorders are adequately recognized, and then ESA is recommended. Emotional support animals are not trained and thus are different from service animals.

Emotional support animals can be of various breeds and species, including cats, dogs, pigs, peacocks, and turkey, and monkey etcetera. However, no one can deny the special bond that exists between dogs and human, and therefore, dogs are known as the most famous emotional support animal companions. Mentally disturbed and emotionally distressed people seek comfort in the supportive and affectionate company of emotional support dogs. Such dogs do not have to perform some particular chores or tasks for their companions, and unlike service dogs, they are here only to provide a lovable tenderness to the patient.

Licensed therapists issue ESA letter to people who are emotionally disturbed and suffering from mental illness. If you are encountering one or more of the following disorders, you can consult a licensed therapist to discuss your qualifying issues in details. The diseases include several psychological illnesses, and a few others are listed below:

  • Severe Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post Trauma Stress
  • Learning Disorder
  • Bipolar Disorder

            You can attain an emotional support dog with the help of ESA letter, but to keep the dog successfully, there is a checklist to follow. Such instructions emphasize that the patient should have reasonable control over the emotional support dog.

Moreover, the dog must be well-behaved and friendly. On the other hand, the housing and travelling facility that is obtained through ESA letter require an emotional support dog to be harmless and calm during residential stays and aboard. Most of the emotional support dogs are neutered, vaccinated, and come with vet vouchers and pet insurances. Neutered and spayed dogs make no fuss for mating and in turn stay calm and under control without any significant effort. However, there is a problem that not all workplaces and educational institutions permit to bring emotional support dogs within their premises.

ESA Letter

ESA dogs are readily available then service dogs. It is because they need no training regarding the adjustment. They are preferable because they are loyal and intelligent being. They perceive the danger and has a strong response rate.

Why dogs are the most famous ESA pet?

It is not that they are loyal only that is why they are best as ESA. They have some other technical and medical support factors. That support qualifies them as the best option for an emotional support animal. Below are reasons to keep ESA as a dog

1-Their built a nature makes them survive and retain under challenging situations. They are better able to cope up with the difficult geographical place. You can take them to the mountains and have them in plains. You can enjoy their company in summers and will keep you calm in storms.

2-They are intelligent being with an incredible sixth sense. They can easily perceive their owner’s mood and will act accordingly.

3- They are loyal and respectful towards the feeling of ownership. As if you entered in the house with apparently stressful and inside your heart, you are lonely and dishearten. Your ESA will understand you. Instead of looking at your exoteric qualities, he will look into your heart.

Which Diseases Qualify for ESA Dogs

Well, there can be any emotional disorder in which you can keep Emotional support animal. However, the following few diseases are those in which emotional support animal will help greatly. Following are the conditions in which one can get ESA dogs.

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety
  3. Social Anxiety disorder
  4. Mood disorder
  5. Panic disorders
  6. Personality disorder
  7. Stress
  8. Fear and phobias
  9. Post-traumatic stress disorder.
  10. Generalize anxiety disorders.
  11. Bio polar disorder and many other

The furry animal will keep you calm and distracted from your emotional disorder. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be in the state for a year or more. The dogs can provide a sense of completeness and protection to the victim. Many people can relate their situations with the dog. So an emotional support dog (ESD) will be supportive in many ways. They can provide you comfort and keep you calm at the same time they will protect you through their fierce look and fantastic perception.

Breeds of Dogs

  • Labrador Retriever

If you are seeking some friendly and energetic dog, then you should choose Labrador retriever. They can keep you happy when you are hurt or in intense depression.

  • Beagle

Beagle is a small and cute creature. The dog is famous because of soft skin, floppy ear, and short height. They are energetic and fun to be with. If you want one to cuddle up with, then this one is for you. Moreover, it gets efficiently friendly with new peoples. In short, it has all one need for therapy.

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This is another cute, little with fluffy hair around ear dog. They have an attractive exoteric appearance as well as are friendly. The breed is named after King Charles. This dog is primarily known for its attachment with the King family. The family also adores loyalty.

  • Poodles

Poodles are another furry kind of dog to be kept as ESA. They easily adjust to the new environment with a longer life than usual. However, there is one drawback, and that is constant grooming and hair cut as their hair grows fast.

  • Corgi

Corgi is another ESA kind of dog. They have moderate nature and are a friendly one. Their obedience level as another plus. People in nursing homes enjoy their company a lot.

  • Pugs

Pugs are perfect therapy material. The one who is obedient and relaxed. They are pretty confident. The best part is that they can survive in different and sometimes even under challenging situations. They are known for their less grooming and maintenance requirement.

  • German Shepherd

The German shepherd is known as intelligent and loyal Emotional support animal. The people like adopting german shepherds for its robust and feisty appearance. People own as they endorse a sense of protection. Though they appear huge beast, however, one can train them, and they are quick learners. Eventually, they make excellent therapy dogs.


1-Only service Dogs protects from Discrimination

Well, there big misunderstanding that only Service dogs can protect you from discrimination at the workplace, housing, and during flights.

Emotional support animals are vitally important for someone who face any mental disorder. So emotional support animal is legally acceptable in different field of life as lifesavers. There is complete law regarding them, and owners are protected against several discrimination.

2-Emotional Support Dog Rules are Different from State to State

Indeed every state has some different set of rules; however, this is not the case in ESA. There is a complete set of rules by the federal government, which is equally applicable in every state. The rules are regarding fair housing and carrier access. All the national airlines have to abide by these Acts.

3-Are ESA and Service Dogs are Same?

People think that ES Dogs and service dogs are the same. They are wrong; there is a hell of differences. Service dogs need training. They are trained to help a physically disabled person. However, ES dogs are for an emotionally disordered person.

However, no formal training is required, but one may train his ES dog to behave well during fight or living.