ESA Letter for Housing and Travel

Nature has created everyone differently. Everyone has different issues and blessings. Some of us are in perfect health. However other faces some challenges regarding their health. The solution to their problem varies from person to person and from disease to disease. Some illness is mental or emotional disorders. Well, the solution to these problems are bit different is not medically based. They are therapies which are animal-based Therapy.

Reasons and Benefits of ESA
Emotional support animals are more then what others see and perceive them. So next time when you see someone hugging their pet don’t take it a pet. It is their ESA. The one who is there in difficult times.
Let’s have a bit of detail discussion.
1-To ease the Symptoms
Consider the situation of a person who is depressed and doesn’t want to see anyone but his ESA. At that time if ESA is not available to him. He or she may have done anything worse. In this scenario, that ESA will be life-saving.
2-To Keep Calm
We usually saw many dogs are traveling with the gentleman of middle age or women younger or older. We all wonder why? There is term agoraphobia for the person who is afraid of traveling and to keep him calm, it is best to let him go with a pet.

Benefits to Have ESA letter
1-No compromise
Well if you have ESA letter, you can claim any high-class place to live with all the facilities without compromising on quality or facilities. According to the Fair Housing Act, you can live at any place you want to with your ESA. You can do this by showing authentic ESA letter.
2-Peace of Mind
If you have ESA letter with you, you can enjoy peace of Mind. Nobody will ask you further questions about your ESA or your disease. You can enjoy anything you want to without being emotionally torcher or facing any embarrassment. Moreover, if you are with autism, you can easily keep calm with ESA who understands you well.
3-No Extra Fee
Some people dislike keeping pets and ESAs. Moreover, they are unable to distinguish between pet and ESA. So as per their confusion, they can ask you for extra charges. Now if you have ESA letter, you can show them and avoid any additional charges for living at best uptown place. Moreover, it is the owner’s responsibility to provide accommodation to ESA. However, the accommodation should be reasonable. ESA should not be large enough for the place. It should be trained to behave well.
As far as air travel is a concern, one can travel through air free of cost if he has an ESA letter. Some airlines have some rules and regulations. As some of them will allow a person with ESA to sit at the window side. Moreover, they can restrict to sit either in the lap or between feats.
4-Smooth Journey
ESA letter ensures a smooth journey. As we know that there is a separate law for carrying ESA on the flight. So this ensures a smooth, hassle-free trip. However, for better results, you should inform relevant authorities about ESA you are carrying. Moreover, you should train your pet for smooth travel.
5-No Embarrassment
Well if you carry your ESA you may face embarrassment one about telling others that you have this problem so please let the ESA in.
On the other hand, you may face several rejections and with ESA letter, you can save yourself from these torchers which may increase your trouble. The best is to present a letter to them. This stops them asking any further question or targeting you.

Technical Aspects of ESA Letter for Housing and Traveling

How to Get ESA letter?
An authentic and licensed doctor can issue you an ESA letter. That ESA letter must be on the letterhead of Doctor. The letterhead should display the name of the Doctor and all the critical credential of Doctor. The doctor should mention his license number and date. Moreover, that letter will be valid for one year. Furthermore, you can get this letter online too. One should be open and clear to his Doctor.

Emotional Support Animal Needs Certificate and Train
Well, it is not necessary to get your animal registered and certified. However, if you get your animal registered, it will be plus point. As far as it is concern about training. There is no obligation to train your ESA. However, it is in best favor of you to train. If you train your ESA before the flight, it will behave well on the plane, and another passenger will not get disturbed.

Breed and Weight Requirement of Emotional Support Animal
Here it is important to mention that ESA is usually dogs. In some cases, they can be cats or birds. So commonly they are pet type animals, not the huge beast animals. If your ESA is dog or cat or bird then legally there is no restriction of size. Nobody in flight or property manager can stop you from having a certain kind of ESA. This rule applied both in housing and while traveling.

Select Kind of ESA Letter
There is a confusion that does we need one letter for all or separate of each. We need to make it clear that there are three types of ESA letter
1-ESA Letter For Housing
2-ESA Letter For Traveling
3-ESA Letter for Housing and Traveling (Combined Letter)
If you are about to stay at home for the next year, then you can avail one for housing. However, if you plan to travel through the air, then you should go for combined. This combined ESA letter will save money.

Any other Document along with ESA letter
Usually, you do not need any other document along with ESA letter. However, some companies may ask your physician to fill a third-party form as well.

Last but not least intend to get fake ESA letter. It will cause you great trouble for punishment.