ESA Letter for Housing

ESA Letter for Housing

Though Emotional support animal needs no introduction; however, to lineup things let see ESA. ESA are special animals/pets which are specially kept to assist persons with emotional disorder well that animal could be any pet. Typically, Emotional support animals are dogs, but in some case, it can be cats or other animals. Remember, people usually confuse between Emotional support animals and service animals. Service animals are to support a physically disabled person. They work for a physically disabled person.

ESA Letter is legal documentation that is required to keep an emotional support animal with you. Emotional support animal letter provides two significant advantages to the owner of pets that are:

  • Housing permission
  • Flying and traveling facilities without any additional fee and charges

There are several houses where landlords and homeowner imposed a “no-pet” policy, and to rent out the residence. You have to give up on your pet. However, for mentally stressed and emotionally distressed people law provides the facility of ESA letter that permits them to keep their emotional support animal with them even in a no-pet resident. The ESA letter is mainly issued by licensed psychologists and therapists and follows the clauses of the Fair Housing Act.

Renting a no-pet house authorizes the homeowner to ask you about showing ESA letter, and in any case, your ESA letter should be hundred per cent legal, because fake ESA letters can drag you in the pool of big trouble. However, even in the presence of ESA letter, you cannot force landlord and homeowner to allow you to have horses, wild animals, camel, and dinosaurs with you, of course. Similarly, the numbers of emotional support animals should be reasonable as well. You can rationally keep 2 or 3 dogs or cats in your home, but creating an aviary is unreasonable. Benefits of emotional support animal more then what we think. So below we will briefly discuss them

Benefits of ESAs

ESAs are more than just attention diverters. People usually think that they can get such benefits from any pet. However, they are wrong. ESAs produces neurotransmitters. Dopamine is the chemical which is associated with care and love. Some dogs are known to produce these chemicals. It reduces stress and enhances the ability to love any other being. Keeping in touch with ESAs minimizes the feeling of loneliness and step forward toward some positive relationship. They, not the treatment in itself but will boost up treatment for depression, anxiety, personality disorder, and other mental disorders.

Benefits of ESA letter for Housing

Well, they endorse love and symbol of peace. However, this symbol of peace may be alarming for your new tenant. However, to prevent any complexities, there is a letter issued for this purpose. An ESA letter is issued by a doctor who suggests and prescribes the patient to keep a pet that will help the patient emotionally to prevent some disastrous future. Here it is a dilemma that patients with a mental disorder are treated differently with some level of discrimination as compared with a physically disabled person. In such situations, there is a need for some authentic document which permits to keep animal. This animal is like a legal medicine which protects owners in diversified form. So the letter is to protect the holder from emotional trauma and more discussed below.

1-No compromise on Quality

    It has been noticed that if a patient has to keep ESA, he has to compromise to some extent. It can be informed of several rooms. Moreover, some suburban or town will let you in with pets. If it is not of locality, then it can be of services. Without the letter, your tenant may restrict you to use some services which are there for others without pet animals.  Here solution for better no compromise location is ESA letter. If you have valid ESA, you can reside anywhere without any objection.

2-No Pet Fee

There are some Property manager or dealers who are in search of an extra sum for keeping a pet. So they may ask an additional charge to find some pet free residence. There is some owner who may uplift rent to let the pet in. So here if you present ESA letter, you will need not to pay a pet fee. Chances of living in the desired location without paying an additional fee with raises to 99.9%. However, the letter should be authentic.

3-No Breed Restrictions

Owners have full rights of their house. So they use in all the possible matters.  If an owner allows keeping a pet, he may restrict some breed or pet.  If not breed they can stop you for young cats or adult dog. So to avoid such a restriction, it is best to have an ESA letter. This letter will give peace of mind and security to keep the pet you love most and used to of.

4-Emotional Trauma

An emotionally disturbed person never wants to be hurt again and again. So going door to door and requesting occupant to let the pet in is a hurting task. Nobody wants to be taunted. Everyone doesn`t want to share his story and reason to keep a pet and then listen to big NO. This ESA letter will protect you from this emotional trauma and piety. 

Legal and Technical Aspects

Well, here it is essential to mention that ESA letter has some legal aspect attached. Here we will discuss some legal issues which need attention. If one has some emotional disorder, he or she should have a letter which recommends a pet as a part of treatment or therapy.

Who Qualifies for ESA letter for housing?

Anyone who has some mental disorder can keep the pet after a recommendation. There is some disease which is likely needed a pet. ADD, Autism, Bipolar, and many other mental disorders which need pets. Moreover, if you suffer from depression or anxiety, then you should own a pet.

Where to Get ESA letter for housing?

Here is a big question of where to get an ESA letter. Remember every other doctor or psychiatrist can`t provide you this letter. Some licensed doctors can give you this letter.  There are some official websites from where you can get ESA letter.

What does ESA letter for housing include?

An authentic and universally accepted ESA will consist of following points for sure.

1-The letter should be on genuine doctor`s letterhead

2-It should include doctor name, license name, and valid contact information

3-This letter can be issued for one year.

Emotional Support Animal Certify

After getting a letter, it is your responsibility to certify your emotional support animal. This certificate is issued through United States Dog registry website.  One has to provide handler name, Dog name for sure.

There are some concerns exist in minds. Let’s have some clearance for them.

1-Houser owners can`t deny keeping ESA if you have a letter. This is the rule as per Fair Housing regulations.

2-A letter holder can keep any breed of dog with them if one has a letter. There is no restriction to prevent some kinds or reject others.

3-Remember emotional support animal is not a usual pet. So the owner of the house can`t charge for keeping ESA. Moreover, the tenant is obliged to provide accommodation for ESA.

Lose in Case of Fake Letter for housing

Well, there are some websites and doctors who offer cheap and easy ESA, but those can be fake. Below are some disadvantages to acquiring a phony or a fake letter.

  • It is illegal to acquire one. Charges can be in term of cash or Jail.
  • In some states, fine is imposed, and it can be as high as $125000.

Well, receiving a valid ESA letter is beneficial for peace of mind. One with the letter will surely get benefits in term of facilities too.