ESA Sample Letters

Sample ESA Letter

Sample ESA Letter

Sample ESA Letter

Sample ESA Letters

We may not be the cheapest and it seems expensive to you but if you are looking for cheaper service providers that may cost you more. There are lot of websites, producing cheap, illegal, fake and unverifiable ESA Letters. Don’t fall into that trap.

We are working with Licensed Mental Healthcare Professional (LMHP) across the States and we offer you a guarantee to provide verifiable, legally enforceable and authentic ESA Letter. 

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Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Letters can be of two types:

  • Fake ESA Letter
  • Real ESA Letter

           When it comes to getting an ESA, it is most vital to understand the difference between a real and bogus ESA Letter. Otherwise, the falsely forged letter can cause great trouble to the patient. In the United States, there are approximately twenty-eight thousands of licensed psychologists that are authorized to issue an ESA letter to their clients. Only a real and legalized ESA letter can permit you to get benefits of having an emotional support animal even in a “no pet” housing premises.

           Moreover, traveling on commercial airlines with your emotional support animal companion requires a legalized and official ESA letter. In the presence of ESA, letter patient does not have to pay any extra fee to travel with Emotional Support animal, but some international commercial airlines have restricted the boarding of animals to only a few specific breeds of cats and dogs. Some people attempt to make false ESA letter to attain all underlying advantages, but it is of no use because fake ESA letter is easy to identify.