Emotional Support Animal

Emotional Support Animal


What Is Emotional Support?

            Emotional support is an act that proves that a person is empathetic, compassionate, and genuinely concerned for the betterment and emotional stability of another person. Without emotional support, no relationship can claim to be healthy and significant. Emotional support adds meanings and profoundness in the relationship that differentiate them from other casual connections. It is indeed evident and satisfactory when in hard days, someone special stay beside you to show that they care. In some exceptional psychological cases, a person can feel extensively down and needs lifting to see that they still have a way to escape the difficulty. And in such situations, emotional support helps persons to elevate their morale.

Psychology Disorders and Emotional Support Animals

            People are prone to encounter several psychological disorders that include anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, and other similar diseases. Psychologically disturbed people need someone to support them emotionally, and therefore, professionals prescribe them to have an emotional support animal as a treatment. Animals (especially dogs) are known as the best option to provide companionship and offer advantageous improvement in the mental health condition of the patient. Most people admire dogs as their support companion, but cats are no exception. Some other animals including ponies, ducks and monkeys and even a turkey (yes, turkey) are active emotional support animals.

Meaning and Scope of Emotional Support Animal

            Emotional support animals are different from service animals and get no training. They are just friendly enough to proffer sincere and comforting friendship to their owners.

Emotional Support Animal Letter

            Are you looking for having an emotional support animal? Well for that, you necessitate an Emotional Support Animal ESA letter. Any licensed psychologist or health professional can issue ESA letter. The letter is essential to confirm that the patient needs a support animal and defines that the patient is under the treatment of a licensed therapist who suggested an emotional support animal for improving the therapeutic process.

Meaning and Scope of ESA Letter

            Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Letter is a form of approved prescription that is issued by a licensed mental health professional. Through EAS Letter, the therapist refers to the benefits a patient can attain form the companionship of an emotional support animal. A wide range of licensed therapists, including psychologists, clinical social workers, mental health professionals, and professional counsellors are authorized to issue ESA letter to the patients in need. But remember! No fake ESA letter will allow you to have legal advantages of having an emotional support animal. Therefore, if you have somehow managed to forge a fake ESA Letter, throw it away immediately because it is a felony as well.

Types of ESA Letter

1- ESA Letter for Housing

2- ESA Letter for Travel

3- ESA Letter for Housing and Travel (Combo)