Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Letter is a form of approved prescription that is issued by a licensed mental health professional. Through EAS Letter, the therapist refers to the benefits a patient can attain form the companionship of an emotional support animal. A wide range of licensed therapists, including psychologists, clinical social workers, mental health professionals, and professional counselors are authorized to issue ESA letter to the patients in need.

The price vary according to nature of ESA Letter as we offer:

1- Combo Letter ( ESA Letter for Housing Plus Traveling)

2- ESA Letter for Housing

3- ESA Letter for Traveling

  • No “Hidden Charges” or “Upsell”
  • Emotional Support Animal Letter will consist Licenses Mental Healthcare Professional contact no, email and verifiable Licensed Number.
  • Acceptable across the States as backed by federal Law
  • We only provide soft copy of the ESA letter and you can print it out if required.
  • We may not be the cheapest and it seems expensive to you but if you are looking for cheaper service providers that may cost you more.
  • There are lot of scamming websites, producing cheap, illegal, fake and unverifiable ESA Letters. Don’t fall into that trap.
  • Deadline driven service
  • 100% Client Satisfaction is Guaranteed