What is Air Carrier Access Act of 1986

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What is Air Carrier Access Act?

Air Carrier Access Act is an American act which protects people with disabilities while traveling through air. This Act prohibits any discrimination. This is not for domestic airlines but international airlines and air traffic. The limitations are not physical but for mental disorder too.  According to law and standards of ACAA, there are some facilities provided at the airport which newly built but also renovated one along with boarding assistance.


An ESA letter for Air Travel

Well, one has to show some documentation to let the animal in smoothly. That document is ESA letter. In ESA letter, it is stated that one is facing some emotional disorder, so he is in need to carry an animal with him to satisfy his needs and keep him calm during the flight. This letter will entitle the patient to take the animal in any airline cabin not only in the USA but also abroad.  Some airlines want the patient to fill a third party form by Doctor. You can keep this letter for one year. The letter should be from authentic, licensed Doctor.

The Airline can`t Reject Patient with ESA:

The Airline in which you are traveling won`t forbid you to go if your animal is not too large to be on the flight. If the animal is quiet small and silent. Moreover, it is not a threat to other passenger traveling with you. Well, your letter entitles you to travel within the country freely. However, if you planned to travel abroad, you should ask their rules and regulations.

Moreover, every country and Airline has a separate set of rules for treating ESA so you should be well informed about it. Last but not least, you should train your animal to behave well. This may be the part of observation which an airline crew makes before letting you in.

Responsibilities of ESA owner:

Though this ACCA ensures safe and hassle-free traveling by ESA owner yet there are some responsibilities lies on the part of ESA owner.

1-    You should make your ESA move in a specific line or a line.

2-    You should train your ESA to behave well.

3-    You should stop feeding your ESA 4 to 5 hours before a flight

4-    Make your Animal exhaust before fights during the trip he sits finely.

5-    There is a specific law to place ESA, follow them.

Apply for an ESA Letter now

Where Air Carrier Access is not Applicable

Well, ACAA is beneficial in most of the situations to anyone with mental disorders. However, there are some situations in which ACAA is not an application. Following are such situations

1-where the ESA is fierce, and letting him travel is in danger of life for other passengers.

2-Where the number of the seat are 30 or less and taking ESA is quite tricky because of insufficient place to keep.

Traveling within and outside the USA:

International airlines have their reservations regarding ESA travel. Some of them accept ESA letter of the US; however, for others, you have to obey their rules and regulations. Some international airline wants you to inform airlines before boarding.

United airline restricts the placement of ESA. They bound passenger to keep the dog between legs and should not sit on the aisle side.

Some companies may recommend wearing unique tags or collars to get recognize. Southwest will allow keeping animal. However, that animal should sit in the cabin. Moreover, it depends upon countries` law about keeping animal during travel or in hotels.

It should be noted that any airline coming to the USA or going from the USA have to accept dogs.

What if Airline Don`t Accept Your ESA Letter?

Well think of a situation in which you are traveling with ESA, but your Airline stops you — so wondering what to do? Contact Complaint resolution Officer (CRO). He will then resolve your issue. If you can`t find one at the airport, then contact your airline authority and they will either make him available or will look into the matter for you.

Last but not least, you should make yourself informed about everything regarding place and Airline you use if you are traveling. If you are traveling abroad or with some other international flight, you should gather the necessary information.